eat -> pray -> code

Are you a programmer? If you are a programmer, at the time your work come flooding and the deadline is getting closer, may all your daily habits can be changed. For example,  you are diligent to bath and after that you are lazy for going to bath, maybe for a reason that your time to do the job will be cut to a bath.  So your habit for take a bath was replaced by your job as a programmer hahaha.

The social network that can be reveal my moods is plurk, for example, when my program error or success, then I post to plurk,

My favorite plurk emoticons eat -> pray -> code => (hungry) -> (worship) -> (code)
#doh doh  OOT (out of topic)


Everybody must be need eat, eat for life, not life for eat. When coding, why hunger is fast coming, probably coding expend energy very much like sports. So,  eat is need to we do.


There are certainly people of all faiths to worship the God commands. Because prayer can make us feel calmer.  So, pray is need to we do too.


Yeah, code is programmer activity. So, code is need to we do too.

[eat -> pray -> code] are my activities  as programmer, when my project was finished, maybe I’ll change my activities



I can’t write english well, I am sorry if my articles is bad


2 thoughts on “eat -> pray -> code

  1. so, when you get activity that namely : “love”? ^_^.
    or maybe, code=love ? 😀

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